Noir @ the Bar

Attempting to be emphatic. Photo courtesy of Glenn G. Gray, as was my bar tab. Gracias!

Sunday night’s Noir at the Bar NYC was exceptional. Twelve hard-core crime writers read, including me: (in order) Cindy Rosmus, Justin Porter, Richie Narvaez, Todd Robbins, Jason Starr, Jonathan Hayes, Wallace Stroby, Matthew Melina, Thomas Pluck, Jen Conley, Johnny Shaw, and Todd Robinson. A truly talented hive of scum and villainy. The reading was at my favorite local, Shade Bar in the West Village. T-shirts! Books! Here’s hoping for more such energetic and X-rated events in future. You can find me there scribbling most Friday nights. But unless you’re going to buy me a beer, don’t bother me.

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La Interview

Author Manuel Ramos (King of the Chicanos) interviews me over at La Bloga.  I talk about Roachkiller and Other Stories, saying such things as “You get crime, mystery, action, humor, and there are a lot of dogs—especially in ‘Juracán.’ I love dogs. I think your readers will enjoy the variety of voices and genres. And the dogs.” Ramos is kind enough to call the collection “a wild group of ten stories that are difficult, if not impossible, to categorize. You’ve got noir, hard-boiled, fantasy, science fiction, mystery, crime fiction – all covered with black humor and bitter, almost relentless, poignancy.”

Read the full interview here.

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Noir at the Bar Reading This Sunday

I’ll be reading this Sunday, June 3, 6 p.m. as part of the famous Noir at the Bar series, which fortuitously has moved from St. Louis to Manhattan for what I hope is more than a one-time thing. Other readers include: Cindy “Rowr” RosmusJason Starr of Starr Command, Jonathan “Plays It As It Lays” Hayes, G-Cubed Glenn G. Gray, Jumpin’ Justin Porter, Thomas “Gives a” Pluck, Jazzy Johnny Shaw, and Todd “Swiss Family” Robinson. Quite a lineup! What makes this an even happier circumstance for me is that the bar in this case will be Shade, 241 Sullivan Street, NYC, my favorite haunt for the last several years (and the place where a lot of my writing gets done). Come for the beer, if not the noir, but come!

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“Hurricane” Reviews

Check out this very generous review by Cullen Gallagher of my reading at KGB last month and my story “Hurricane” on the Los Angeles Review of Books blog:

  • “On this occasion, he read from ‘Juracán’ (originally published in Indian Country Noir, and re-published as ‘Hurricane’ as an eBook), a classic noir fable about a hapless loser who drives across Puerto Rico during a hurricane to go gambling and wakes up in a field — damp, bloody, and framed for murder. The story starts with a scorching opener: ‘There was another dead dog on the side of the road. Tongue hanging out. Guts. Blood. I’d never seen so many dead dogs on the road anywhere. The strays must go out of their way to commit suicide.’ And it ends on a perfectly bleak yet humorous note.”

Read the entire review, which includes a look at the whole event, here.

Tammy Dewhirst at Rabid Readers Review also had some kind words to say about the story:

  • “There is deep symbolism in this book that never comes off as pretentious and I enjoyed the flow and the way the characters stayed true to who they were. There were no redeeming moments in this read and that’s what makes it great.”

Read the entire review, along with a roundup of other short fictions she recommends, here.

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“Roachkiller” Review

Many, many thanks to Terrence McCauley for his very kind words in his review of Roachkiller and Other Stories. Here is an excerpt:

“It’s an impressive group of entertaining and deep short stories that aren’t your typical crime fare. His work is ethnic without pandering. Realistic without being morose or bitter. It’s also subtly engaging and very fast moving without being obvious about it.”

Read the entire review here.

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Long Island Noir at SCC

That's me all the way on the left, trying to flash the photographer.

The writers from Long Island Noir, after our panel on May 5 at Suffolk Community College, Brentwood campus. From left: Irredeemable R. Narvaez, Randy Reed Farrel Coleman, Quick-Witted Qanta Ahmed, Charming Charles Salzberg, Roundhouse Kicker Kaylie Jones, Cunning Kenneth Wishnia, and Snazzy Steve Wishnia.

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New York Times Previews Long Island Noir

Huzzah! Long Island Noir gets previewed in the New York Times today, and my story “Ending in Paumanok” gets a mention.

The article quotes a line from my story about Long Island’s “having ‘all the inconvenience of the city and none of its perks.'” And then it goes on to say, “In the story ‘Ending in Paumanok,’ by Richie Narvaez, a female literature professor at Stony Brook University is drawn into an affair with a student that quickly turns deadly.”

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