Upcoming Hit List Readings

I will be signing copies of Hit List: The Best of Latino Mystery at BookExpo America on Saturday, May 30, from 3:30-4:30 p.m., at the Javits Center. Maybe I will see you there. I’m at the point in my career where it would still be charming to have a stalker. Next year, I hope, not so much. So this would be the time.

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Got the List

Holy mama! I received a copy of the book featuring my first story in a book compilation, Hit List: The Best of Latino Mystery. But I’m at work in my cubicle, so I will not be able to shout in joy about it till  end of day.

In related news, I will be reading from and signing copies of Hit List at La Casa Azul Bookstore, 1651 Lexington Avenue (at 104th Street), on Thursday, May 14, 6–8 p.m., with my List cohorts Steven Torres, Carlos Hernandez, and Sergio Troncoso.

Phil, I hope you’ve ordered your copy already!

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Asinine March

NEW poems for March 2009
My Last Banana: The Testament of Travis the Chimp” by Xander Floss
Last Letter from Socks Clinton (1989-2009)” by Kat Wopat
Rock Hard Abs!” by Katharine Showalter
The Midas Touch” by Wade Christian
Mr. Happy and His Friends” by Daniel Thomas Moran
Explaining Armageddon to My Wife” by John Grey
christ on the streets of Los Angeles in 1977” by Jack Henry
Cover Your Ass” by R.J. Clarken
4 Thumbs Up” by Mas Mas
Challenges” by Gene Tashoff

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Distinguished Mention

bestamericanmystery08.jpgI was flipping through Patrick Shawn Bagley’s Bitter Water blog when I came across a reference to myself! Who doesn’t love that kind of stuff? Apparently, The Best American Mystery Stories 2008 (Houghton Mifflin), edited by George Pelecanos, was released in December. While I am not included in the main anthology, my short story “Roachkiller,” which appeared in Murdaland (RIP!)(*sigh*), did make Pelecanos and series editor Otto Penzler’s list of Other Distinguished Mystery Stories of 2007, in the back, p. 423. Hey Ma, check it out! This is a very good thing! I went out right away–I mean, I went further online right away–and ordered a copy to doublecheck that I was not dreaming and that Patrick was not shortsheeting me. (FYI: Patrick is a fellow editor of The Lineup.) Thanks, Bagley, for catching that, and thanks also to Pelecanos and Penzler for the nod. Drinks for everyone!

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Hitting Closer

hitlist.JPGHit List: The Best of Latino Mystery, edited by Sarah Cortez and Liz Martinez, is ready for your pre-order. The anthology features my short story “In the Kitchen with Johnny Albino.” The marketing copy reads (have I noted this before?): “This groundbreaking anthology of short fiction by Latino mystery writers… features an intriguing and unpredictable cast of sleuths, murderers and crime victims.

“I have a pre-order form I can send you, or you can find it on Amazon. Go out and buy a copy. I mean, order one. If you bring me one to sign, I will buy you a beer. It’s my first inclusion in a book anthology, so it’s pretty cool for me.

Also in the meantime, if any of you have pictures of crime or noir-type images–this is for another project–give my e-mail a jingle . . .

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Top 10 Facebook Status Cliches

Friday was a useful day at work in that it resulted in this. How it got illustrates something about office life. Erik Trinidad, who writes the incredible travel mag The Global Trip, IM’d me, asking me to help him complete a list of the top 10 Facebook/Twitter status cliches. I had a desk covered with work-work to do, whatver it is that I do, so I of course quickly complied, and within minutes we hammered out the excellent list you see here, and which of course would be meaningless to you if you did not Facebook, Twitter, or even MySpace. Now run along and make it viral.

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Asinine Valentine 2009

skaters.gifNew poems up this February, very Valentine-centered.

Barry, Hit Reply” by Kat Wopat
Love Poem to the Job I No Longer Hate” by Ed Kornfeld
on valentine’s day my lover sacrificed a chicken” by Violet Radish
White Frosting on a Chocolate Cupcake” by Easter Cathay
Your Corpse Will Go On” by Juan Pastor
Cool Passion” by Eileen Budd
god’s wrath” by Alex Galper
The Women I’ve Dated” by John Grey
My Other Cat Has Thumbs” by P-Woody
Gotta Wonder” by Gerald So

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