Got the List

Holy mama! I received a copy of the book featuring my first story in a book compilation, Hit List: The Best of Latino Mystery. But I’m at work in my cubicle, so I will not be able to shout in joy about it till  end of day. In related news,

Asinine March

NEW poems for March 2009 “My Last Banana: The Testament of Travis the Chimp” by Xander Floss “Last Letter from Socks Clinton (1989-2009)” by Kat Wopat “Rock Hard Abs!” by Katharine Showalter “The Midas Touch” by Wade Christian “Mr. Happy and His Friends” by Daniel Thomas Moran “Explaining Armageddon to

Distinguished Mention

I was flipping through Patrick Shawn Bagley’s Bitter Water blog when I came across a reference to myself! Who doesn’t love that kind of stuff? Apparently, The Best American Mystery Stories 2008 (Houghton Mifflin), edited by George Pelecanos, was released in December. While I am not included in the main

Hitting Closer

Hit List: The Best of Latino Mystery, edited by Sarah Cortez and Liz Martinez, is ready for your pre-order. The anthology features my short story “In the Kitchen with Johnny Albino.” The marketing copy reads (have I noted this before?): “This groundbreaking anthology of short fiction by Latino mystery writers…