December Asininity

New issue for December 2009. “Asinine Christmas Poem No. 6” by Fenway Parker “Up on the Rooftop” by Albert Van Hoogmoed “An Obsessive-Compulsive’s Christmas Tree Decorating Guide” by Eileen Budd “Winter Asides” by Jessica L. Kleinman “Hold That, Tiger!” by Scott Emmons “A Recent Study” by Katharine Showalter “Gender Wars”


I was born and raised in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, the bratty baby of the family, surrounded by crime and comic books. My father worked at the airport at nights, but during the day he was a numbers bookie, and every afternoon I sat at the kitchen table, reading the Daily News while

When October Goes . . .

Check out the poems for November 2009. “Returning My Love” by Hal Sirowitz “Asinine Thanksgiving Poem No. 10” by Fenway Parker “Big Shiny Balloon” by Richard Cairo “Balloon Boy in the Fifth Dimension” by Joe ”King” Lee “The Governors” by Graham Everett “Chefs Go Cheap” by Katharine Showalter “I Love

Do the WAV

My story “In the Kitchen with Johnny Albino” from Hit List: The Best of Latino Mystery is featured on the scholar and gentleman Seth Harwood’s crime short story podcast CrimeWAV. Very big thank you to Seth. I hope you all enjoy the show.