When October Goes . . .

Check out the poems for November 2009. “Returning My Love” by Hal Sirowitz “Asinine Thanksgiving Poem No. 10” by Fenway Parker “Big Shiny Balloon” by Richard Cairo “Balloon Boy in the Fifth Dimension” by Joe ”King” Lee “The Governors” by Graham Everett “Chefs Go Cheap” by Katharine Showalter “I Love

Do the WAV

My story “In the Kitchen with Johnny Albino” from Hit List: The Best of Latino Mystery is featured on the scholar and gentleman Seth Harwood’s crime short story podcast CrimeWAV. Very big thank you to Seth. I hope you all enjoy the show.

Latest Asininity

Read the October 2009 issue of AsininePoetry.com. “The Dog with A Muddy Bottom” by Hal Sirowitz “Asinine Halloween Poem No. 3” by Fenway Parker “Williamsburg, Brooklyn” by Aardvark Bascombe “She Cried Herpes” by Barry Secretagent “My Friend Stephen Turned Himself into this Title” by Chrissy Rye-Rye “Snorkeling in the Tub”

Latest Podcasts

Seems like I’ve been doing a bunch of these lately. I hope my liver can take it. Listen to Episode 60: “Asinine Poetry Happens” Listen to Episode 59: “Asinine Poetry and the Public Option”