Titi Terry

My aunt Terry was like a second mother to me and a defining personality in my life and very much helped me to become who I am today. She passed away this week. A lot of celebrities passed away recently, in bunches as they usually seem to do. Oddly enough, I like to think of Titi Terry as one of a celebrity too. To me, she was a star, an exotic presence, the archetypal crazy aunt who would visit in a whirlwind of energy, manic laughter, malt liquor, and smoke. Buenas noches, Terry.

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Up in Sleepy Hollow

I had a great time reading with a couple of my Hit List: The Best of Latino Mystery homeboys Carlos Hernandez and Sergio Troncoso for the Hudson Valley Writers Center in Sleepy Hollow, New York, on July 12. We went a-riding up there together. The actual reading was at Que Chula es Puebla, a charming Mexican restaurant with great guac and tacos al carbon. As well as gin and tonic. (Yeah, I wanted to drink margaritas before a reading, but then thought better of it. Maybe next time.) Thanks again to the lovely people at HVW for having us — and to Sergio, for arranging the whole thing, and for driving!

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Star Trek, a Trek to the Stars

Listen to Episode 56: “Asinine Trek.”

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South Carolina — Check

Mission accomplished

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Book Expo-sed

I had a fun time signing copies of Hit List: The Best of Latino Mystery along with my fellow Hit List writers Carlos Hernandez and Sergio Troncoso. This was at Book Expo at the Javits Center. Very overstimulating in there. But it was great to meet the very sweet Marina Tristan and Carmen Peña Abrego of Arte Publico as well as a some nice fans and some people who didn’t know me from an empanada but who were curious about the book.

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Killer Robotz! Plots w/ Raygunz!


My story “Rough Night in Toronto” is now up at Plots with Guns. The editors of this normally noir site (in which, natch, every story involves a gun) this issue decided to venture into the future — 500 years into the future — to see what pistol-packing pieces of prose would be produced. Thanks to editor Anthony Neil Smith for giving my story a nod. “Rough Night” involves killer androids, terrorists, and a sap with a weapon. The title and a couple character names reference an old Dean Martin movie for no reason at all and without any impact at all on the plot or enjoyment of the story; that was just to help me get started on writing it. Having said that, I think it could be a movie on its own starring, ummm, anyone but Will Smith. But, Will, baby, if you’re interested, let’s have lunch. Let me know what you think.

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Mysterious Reading

On May 21, the well-named Mysterious Bookshop, located near City Hall, hosted a reading by authors from the  anthology Hit List: The Best of Latino Mystery. Clever Carlos Hernandez, Sunny Sergio Troncoso, and myself as well as co-editors Sagacious Sarah Cortez and Literary Liz Martinez were there.

There were some great guava bars served. And wine! Thanks to all those who came by, from far and wide and a few blocks away.

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