Lined Up for a Reading

lineup2-fcover-sA good crowd last night. Not quite a fire hazard, but still every seat was taken. I read works from The Lineup series last night at KGB Bar, 85 East 4th Street, New York City. Other readers included contributors Jennifer L. Knox, Carol Novack, and Karen Petersen  as well as two of my fellow Lineup editors Anthony Rainone and Gerald So. We sold a few copies. I also stripped and showed off The Lineup t-shirt I was wearing. I was told by several audience members that there was no need to take off my pants to show off a t-shirt, but you get into the spirit of things and . . . . Well, I even sold a copy of my chapbook “Childhood’s Smell.”

Thanks to all who attended! And thanks to Jim, for the drink!

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Latest Asininity

Read the October 2009 issue of

The Dog with A Muddy Bottom” by Hal Sirowitz
Asinine Halloween Poem No. 3” by Fenway Parker
Williamsburg, Brooklyn” by Aardvark Bascombe
She Cried Herpes” by Barry Secretagent
My Friend Stephen Turned Himself into this Title” by Chrissy Rye-Rye
Snorkeling in the Tub” by Albert Van Hoogmoed
Nekkid Snails” by Chrissie Faupel
Enchanted” by Gerald So
Leaves of Leaves” by Richie Narvaez
Dear Stoney: A Subtle Rebuttal” by Dana Esau Larsen

Also, check out the asinine prose contest entry that came in second:
A Woman and Her Secrets” by Ed Kornfeld

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Latest Podcasts

Seems like I’ve been doing a bunch of these lately. I hope my liver can take it.

Listen to Episode 60: “Asinine Poetry Happens”

Listen to Episode 59: “Asinine Poetry and the Public Option”

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September Silliness

New poems for the latest issue of include a great, timely poem (about the Disney takeover of Marvel) by my pal and rakish ne’er-do-well Dustin.

Buzz Lightyear, Herald of Galactus, Announces Merger” by Dustin Michael
Killer in the End Zone, for Michael Vick” by Richard Cairo
For a Congressman” by James Fabris
Oh, Please Do Read It” by Gary Lehmann
A Poet Considers Retooling for the New Economy” by Randy Koch
”Tour de Farce” Rebuttal” by Stoney Emshwiller
Peggy’s Shoes Are Size Four” by Swifty McSwifterson
Slippery Dick” by Howard Pflanzer
Mustachio” by Matt Dennie
Biology 101” by Stephen Kopel

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Asinine Poetry Prose

Who says a literary journal internationally ridiculed for the ridiculousness of its poetry cannot also be as well known for its equally ludicrous prose?

FIRST PRIZE “The Scourge of Unlawful Infants” by Stoney Emshwiller
SECOND PRIZE  “A Woman and Her Secrets” by Ed Kornfeld
THIRD PRIZE  “Tie Goes to the Dog” by Dustin Michael

The other entries and runners up will be uploaded once a month for the next 10 months.

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Confundo! Latest Podcast!

Listen to Episode 58: “Asinine Poetry and the Half-Drunk Prince.”

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Hot August Asininity

New poems on for August.
Bring Me a Coldie, Obama” by Richard Cairo
Aqui in Heaven” by Raul Chuletas
Tour de Farce” by Dana Esau Larsen
Thank You for Your Gift to Mizzou” by Katharine Showalter
Schtupping the Chupacabra” by Jessica L. Kleinman
My Dog’s Getting Older” by Albert Van Hoogmoed
beta carotene” by Stephen Kopel
The Sea” by Christian Ward
Has Anyone Seen My Meds?” by Ryan Quinn Flanagan
Alarm Clock Melody” by Heather L. Green aka the Dark One

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