Asinine May Day

Spring bade the asinine poets write. New poems on for May 2009: “Leave It Be” by Hal Sirowitz “Strange Days” by Katharine Showalter “My First 100 Days of Unemployment” by Jiffy Vega-Vega “With Us Pirates” by Dustin Michael “Asinine Swine Flu Rap Song” by Raul Chuletas “The Very Idea

Asinine March

NEW poems for March 2009 “My Last Banana: The Testament of Travis the Chimp” by Xander Floss “Last Letter from Socks Clinton (1989-2009)” by Kat Wopat “Rock Hard Abs!” by Katharine Showalter “The Midas Touch” by Wade Christian “Mr. Happy and His Friends” by Daniel Thomas Moran “Explaining Armageddon to

Asinine Valentine 2009

New poems up this February, very Valentine-centered. “Barry, Hit Reply” by Kat Wopat “Love Poem to the Job I No Longer Hate” by Ed Kornfeld “on valentine’s day my lover sacrificed a chicken” by Violet Radish “White Frosting on a Chocolate Cupcake” by Easter Cathay “Your Corpse Will Go On”

Asinine 2009

I just launched the January 2009 issue of Read it. Read it now! “Year-View Mirror: The Year 2008 in Rhyme” by Scott Emmons “The Obamauguration!” by Richard Cairo “Lastest Poem Ever” by W. “On Getting Laid Off” by Jiffy Vega-Vega “Investment Banker Blues” by Jon Wesick “The Devil’s Wheel”

Winter Asininity

The December 2008 issue of is up: “Stopping by Hooters on a Snowy Evening” by Albert Van Hoogmoed “People I Love” by Stoney Emshwiller “Office Holiday Party 3: Annual Performance Review” by Cafey Nated “Office Holiday Party 4: And You Weren’t Even Drunk Yet” by Cafey Nated “Office Holiday