Another Silly October

Yet another year goes by — with another special Halloween edition of Asinine Poetry. poems Dirtnap by J.R. McCarthy Henry Rollins by Richard Tyrone Jones The Kiss of the Rubber-Lipped Elephant by Andrew H. Oerke Proximity and Elapsion by Adam Vatterott Morning Constitutional by Ook, Warrior Poet Where the Old Winding Road Twists by J.C. prose

Asinine Fireworks

Our July issue is up! poems Beach Manager Blues by Natalie M. Dorfeld, PhD What Lame — Anemic Creatures — by Apple Dickinson Ragweed by Jenifer Lee Wallace No Sex with Insects by Callie Cardamon After Thoreau by David Alpaugh ¿Donde Está La Casa de Pepe? by Colonel Drunky Bob

Silly as Summer Appears

Our latest issue is out. poems Dickhead by William Trowbridge Bananas by Marc Carver Half the Russian Wrestlers by Michael Frissore Master Debate on May 22, 2011 by G. Nash Emergency Action Drills by Natalie M. Dorfeld, PhD Jenny’s Song by Roger Unrequited* prose Losing My Religion: Oprahcalypse Now! by Judy Maitland Da Last Speaker o’ Engrish

No Fooling

The April issue of Asinine Poetry is up! Plus: My buddies at Woern LLC and I have launched the Asinine Poetry app for iPhones. Download it here. poems App by Richard Cairo* I Told Her I Would Be by Michael Frissore World’s Biggest Fool by William Trowbridge There Was a