I Like It Dirty

The corporation I work for had its annual Community Service Day, which is sort of like being sentenced to a day of hard labor to assuage corporate-white-hegemonical guilt. Sort of. Actually, it is nice to do something—in this case painting, gardening, and sprucing up a school in the Bronx—to feel

The Advertising Game

Sometimes this job is a little too Lord of the Flies. Only part of this is because many of my co-workers are quite young and seem like they are trying on adult roles, and the shoulders are sometimes too big, the hemlines drag on the floor, and the big, corporate

Even More Work Poems

FEEDBACK POEM NO. 1 We will explore ways to make this more legible. We will explore different ways to make this more clear. We will create banners for each type. We will explore different placements and treatments. We will explore better ways to balance the elements. We will explore different

More Work Poems

BANNER AD POEM NO. 1 EARN A FREE Get What You Need No Go Where You Want Go ROUND-TRIP Spend $1,000 Earn, No, APPLY Now annual fee Earn one, Spend $1,000 for one domestic — a savings Limited Rewards NOW APPLY MEETING POEM NO. 3 I am thinking of the