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Roachkiller and Other Stories
The debut collection of short stories by dynamite noir writer R. Narvaez. Winner of the 2013 Spinetingler Award for Best Anthology/Short Story Collection and the 2013 International Latino Book Award for Best eBook/Fiction.

Anthony Neil Smith, author of Yellow Medicine, said about the story “Roachkiller”: “If there is any justice in the world, [R. Narvaez] should become a giant on the literary noir scene within the next couple of years.”

A pregnant single mother who becomes a numbers runner in 1970s Brooklyn; an ex-con fighting against insurmountable odds not to kill again; a middle-aged tax lawyer who’s discovered the secret to happiness—at any cost: these are just a few of the hard-luck characters you’ll meet in Roachkiller and Other Stories, the debut collection of short stories from exciting noir writer R. Narvaez. Included are 10 hard-boiled tales, many with a dash of dark humor. Get-rich schemes gone violently awry. A slacker detective far out of his depth. A reformed criminal who can’t get past his killer instincts. The action moves from Brooklyn to Puerto Rico, from the ’70s to the near future, from deadly divorces to homicidal hipsters. Narvaez travels down the dimly lit side streets of noir you’ve never seen before. The short story “Roachkiller,” which appears in this collection, was selected as a Distinguished Mystery Story in Best American Mystery Stories 2008, edited by George Pelecanos.

In the Kitchen with Johnny Albino
Juracán (“Juracán” is also available as an ebook single under the title “Hurricane”)
Santa’s Little Helper
Ibarra Goes Down
Watching the Iguanas
Rough Night in Toronto

Roachkiller is an accomplished debut from an author in full and firm control of his voice.”—Eva Dolan, Crime Factory

“[A]n excellent collection. . . . I could not shake some of the images . . . . The writing is that intense.”—Manuel Ramos, author of King of the Chicanos

“Highly recommended reading for noir fans. . . . Definitely a writer to watch.”—Craig Terlson, author of Correction Line

“An impressive group of entertaining and deep short stories that aren’t your typical crime fare.”—Terrence McCauley, author of Slow Burn

Available on Amazon Kindle, Nook, iBooks, Kobo, and Smashwords.


“Hurricane,” A Short Story
A luckless womanizer visiting Puerto Rico for his cousin’s wedding; a dark, beautiful woman who needs a favor; and a rare Indian artifact people would kill to get their hands on—all of it amidst an approaching tropical storm that may be only the beginning of the violence. That’s the story of “Hurricane”—from dynamite noir writer R. Narvaez. (This story was originally published as “Juracán.”)

“R. Narvaez in ‘Juracán’ tells a story set in Puerto Rico among the legends of the Tainos, stolen artifacts, double- and triple-crosses, uneasy justice.” —Manuel Ramos, author of King of the Chicanos

“A classic noir fable about a hapless loser who drives across Puerto Rico during a hurricane to go gambling and wakes up in a field — damp, bloody, and framed for murder.” —Cullen Gallagher, Los Angeles Review of Books

“There is deep symbolism in this [story] that never comes off as pretentious and I enjoyed the flow and the way the characters stayed true to who they were. There were no redeeming moments in this read and that’s what makes it great.” —Tammy Dewhirst, Rabid Readers Review

Available on Amazon Kindle, Nook, iBooks, Kobo, and Smashwords.

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