Latest Reviews for HDR

“A gentrifier blood-dripping, fresher-than-that-new-craft-brew whodunit debut”—Molecule Tiny Lit Mag

“Narvaez has a distinct, deeply compelling (and wonderfully goofy) voice unlike anyone else out there. Carl Hiaasen meets Raymond Chandler.”—Peter R. Emshwiller, author of Levels

“At once a smart and funny mystery and an elegy for a Brooklyn destined to disappear beneath the flood of hipsters and developers, this book keeps you turning the pages with its razor-sharp descriptions and character sketches.”—Erica Obey, author of The Horseman’s Word

“A great summer read. If you’re heading to the beach, any beach, even ‘tar-beach’ (if you don’t know what that means read the book), get a copy and give yourself a treat, like a ride on the Cyclone at Coney Island.”—A.J. Sidransky, author of Forgiving Mariela Camacho