Crime writer Derrick Ferguson gives Grand Central Noir a generous review over at his blog today, noting that “at its best GRAND CENTRAL NOIR evokes the feel of . . . Will Eisner stories.” Here’s what he had to say about my story:

  • “Meet Me at the Clock” by R. Narvaez is a story that’s soaked in hopelessness right from the opening paragraphs. By the time Lew Conrad got on the train I knew that this story was not going to end well for him and I was right. And “Meet Me at the Clock” is one of several stories in the anthology that gave me the distinctive impression that the actual crime-related plot isn’t all that important to the writer. R. Narvaez is much more interested in exploring this day in the life of this second rater who deserves the fate he gets at the end of the story.

You can read the entire review here. Remember, the proceeds of the charity anthology go to God’s Love We Deliver. Several authors from the anthology, including me, will be reading from their stories this Sunday, July 14, 6 p.m., at Shade Bar, 241 Sullivan Street, New York.


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