Interview with Blackout City Podcast

Mark Slade of Blackout City Podcast just interviewed me for his blog.  Here is an excerpt:


RICHIE: First of all, I love Dean and I love Jerry, but I don’t love Dean and Jerry, so all those movies are out. Then, anything with a message or is that is too cute, Delicate Delinquent, for example — out. Many people love Nutty Professor, but it seems needy and cloying in that mawkish Robin Williams way. No, my favorite Lewis movie is probably my favorite because they showed it so much on TV when I was growing up: Hook, Line, and Sinker. It’s probably not his best, but his mugging doesn’t dominate, and it hints at something dark and cynical in its plot. And hey I love that last shot!

Read the entire interview here. Also: I recently read my story “Old Pendejo” for Mark’s other podcast Dark Dreams.

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