Noir at the Bar Reading This Sunday

I’ll be reading this Sunday, June 3, 6 p.m. as part of the famous Noir at the Bar series, which fortuitously has moved from St. Louis to Manhattan for what I hope is more than a one-time thing. Other readers include: Cindy “Rowr” RosmusJason Starr of Starr Command, Jonathan “Plays It As It Lays” Hayes, G-Cubed Glenn G. Gray, Jumpin’ Justin Porter, Thomas “Gives a” Pluck, Jazzy Johnny Shaw, and Todd “Swiss Family” Robinson. Quite a lineup! What makes this an even happier circumstance for me is that the bar in this case will be Shade, 241 Sullivan Street, NYC, my favorite haunt for the last several years (and the place where a lot of my writing gets done). Come for the beer, if not the noir, but come!

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