Another Silly October

Yet another year goes by — with another special Halloween edition of Asinine Poetry.

Dirtnap by J.R. McCarthy
Henry Rollins by Richard Tyrone Jones
The Kiss of the Rubber-Lipped Elephant by Andrew H. Oerke
Proximity and Elapsion by Adam Vatterott
Morning Constitutional by Ook, Warrior Poet
Where the Old Winding Road Twists by J.C.

A Clean, Well-Lighted Crypt by The Bare-Fanged Contessa*
A Staff Letter from the Headmaster of Nobblesnuff’s Academy of Wizardry by Amy Vansant
House on Haunted House by Gordon Stanley*

classic asinine
How Little Red Riding Hood Came to Be Eaten by Guy Wetmore Carryl

Episode 94: Rise of the Planet of the Asinine. Including “How Little Red Riding Hood Came to Be Eaten” by Guy Wetmore Carryl (read by Stoney Emshwiller).

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