No Fooling

Tap your way to silliness.

The April issue of Asinine Poetry is up! Plus: My buddies at Woern LLC and I have launched the Asinine Poetry app for iPhones. Download it here.

App by Richard Cairo*
I Told Her I Would Be by Michael Frissore
World’s Biggest Fool by William Trowbridge
There Was a Professor of English by K.A. Laity
Figgie Hears English Is Dead as Latin or French or Physics or Doornails by Figgie Creamcheese
Sam by Chris Yardley

Journal of a Creative Writing Professor by Hector Poole*
Bird Reproduction by Bernie Keating
Thoughts of a Cannibal as a Respectable Foodie by ern modern

classic asinine
The Passionate Freudian to His Love by Dorothy Parker

asinine podcast
Episode 88: Your Asinineness

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