Los Sures, Part 28: The Creature from the Southside of Williamsburg

"We didn't come here to fight monsters, we're not equipped for it."

Me and my brother Fever and my sister Evie were in the bedroom my brother and I shared. We were on the floor, around our Aurora models. Barbie, for once, was staying still. She was sleeping like a normal dog on the lower bunk of our bunk beds.

Fever was saying that his favorite model was his Godzilla model because he put it together himself. “The hand keeps falling off, but I like it when spines in the back glow in the dark,” he said. But he felt bad that he lost the little piece that was supposed to be fire coming out of Godzilla’s mouth. He didn’t know how he lost it.

He pointed to the Wolfman model and said, “Who can tell me who this is?”

“Me,” I said. “The Wolfman’s real name is Larry Talbot and he became a werewolf because he was bitten by a werewolf and he can only be killed with a silver bullet and they shoot him in the end.”

“Very good,” said Fever. Then he pointed to the Mummy and said, “And this monster?”

“The Mummy,” Evie said, “is from Egypt. He comes back from the dead with these leaves. It drinks tea made from the leaves and then it comes alive. Then it goes out and likes to choke people until they die.”

Fever pointed to the Creature of the Black Lagoon and said, “What is the name of this creature?”

We laughed loud and hard. He called the Creature “Creature”! I think Evie peed on herself because she did that a lot. I fell back on the floor and that’s when I saw our cousin Malo turning away from the doorway. He must have been watching us. He had stood there quiet, probably wondering why were sitting talking about monsters. He probably thought we were crazy.

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