Los Sures, Part 4: Head Start

Mighty mighty

My sister taught me how to spell my name. E-D-G-A-R. But she always called me Eggy. Because she said my head was shaped like an egg. She stabbed me with a fork when I called her Fatty. So that was me and my sister.

Mami put me in a program that was supposed to make me smarter faster. There was a boy in there who had a ear infection. Orange goo leaked out of his ear all day long. I was learning words like CAT BAT FAT and trying not to look at the orange goo.

Then someone came and said I had a special visitor in the hallway.

They took me outside in the hallway and there was Mami. It seemed like I had not seen her forever, but she she had just dropped me off that morning. I felt so special that she came to see me.

Later, they put me in a summer program at St. Peter and Paul Catholic School. The teachers were nuns, and they were very white. Most of school time was play time. My favorite thing to play was with the big cardboard bricks. I would make giant castle walls. The nuns told Mami that I did not play with any of the other kids.

And then one time we had a school trip to the zoo. My mother signed a permission slip for me. The morning of the trip I sat at my desk, which was at the end of the row, and turned my head and threw up on the floor. The nuns had to clean it up. They said I must be excited about the trip. Anyway, we went to the zoo but I don’t remember anything that happened there.

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