Oh, Oh, On the (Internet) Radio

Huzzah! Yesterday I was interviewed by Victor Cruz (you know that face) and Gil-T (no relation to Mr. T, but possibly to Royal T?) on Urban Latino Radio, a very cool and hyper-fun (and intellectual-like) Internet-based radio show. Studio over in DUMBO, right by the water — lovely view. Anyway, you’ll be able to hear the interview via their podcast. I was there to chat about Hit List and the La Casa Azul-sponsored reading at the East Harlem Cafe. I think, among all the odd directions our conversation took, I got to mention those things. I was there along with Aurora Anaya-Cerda of La Casa Azul Bookstore and the talented  Sergio Troncoso, one of the other writers from the book. It was a lot of fun, reminded me of my old  days in college radio. But it smelled a lot better and I was sober. Thank, fellas!

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