The Lineup 2 Is At Large

lineup2-fcover-s.jpgMurder. Prison. War. What better subjects for poetry? The second issue of The Lineup: Poems on Crime is now available. This issue features work by Patrick Carrington, Reed Farrel Coleman, Sophie Hannah, John Harvey, Janis Butler Holm, Jennifer L. Knox, Amy MacLennan, Carol Novack, Deshant Paul, Karen Petersen Manuel Ramos, Stephen D. Rogers, and Christopher Watkins. The cover design is by my pal John Collis, using a photo taken by Erich Wood, also a pal.

Of this issue, former Poet Laureate of Maine Baron Wormser wrote, “Since poets are by definition metaphysical detectives, this collection makes brilliant sense. The poets never flinch nor do they romanticize. Rather they write tersely and deftly of violence large and small, motives confused and clear, endings bloody and mundane. Collectively, they show how poems are bullets of essence that can pierce some very dark shadows.”

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