I Like It Dirty

fossil1.jpgThe corporation I work for had its annual Community Service Day, which is sort of like being sentenced to a day of hard labor to assuage corporate-white-hegemonical guilt. Sort of. Actually, it is nice to do something—in this case painting, gardening, and sprucing up a school in the Bronx—to feel like you’re fighting back some of the City’s chaos (much like Batman! POW! Take that, chaos!), although there were some moments as I was out in the heat sweating my body weight in water I couldn’t help feeling that in a few hours after we leave the chaos, the tags, the discarded dime bags will all return. Still, the afterparty (free food, free beer) was good. Pictured here: Me in my uniform for the day. That stain looks like I gave birth to a mudbaby, doesn’t it? Update: I put that shirt in the laundry, and the stain remains, but I think I can see the smirking face of Christ in it. Photo by Phil “T-1000” Langer.

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