Asinine Summertry

Last week, during the sweltering heatwave in the City, my friend Slim was nice enough to come over to the Asinine Office and record readings of asinine poetry for podcasts. As a select few of you know, the Asinine Offices do not always get the crossbreezes it deserves. So inside, in our periwinkle blue studios, it was as humid and hot as an August in Malaysia. Or what I imagine an August in Malaysia to be like. Could be very cool there, I don’t know. Anyway, thanks to Slim for being a champ and putting up with the sweltering discomfort till the one lone AC slowly, eventually kicked in. I’ve edited the first of her series as guest host and it is now online.

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One Response to Asinine Summertry

  1. josschmoe says:

    Just like a heat wave
    Burning in my heart
    Can’t keep from cryin’
    It’s tearing me apart