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Canine Like Me

I’ve posted one of my old cartoon stories and some highlights from the fourth issue of my zine Mongrel, for no good reason. Click on the thumbnails to see the legible versions.

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Top 10 Things I Should’ve Done at the Big Staff Party Last Night

10. Brought a snack with me to nibble on during the speeches, so I wouldn’t’ve felt such an urge to gnaw on my own forearm for sustenance. 9. Cried when the award was given for the “heart” of the company. … Continue reading

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Asinine May Showers

The latest issue of is up. We’ve got some great poems up this month, and, ahem, I will tell you one of them is by me–under a pseudonym, of course. We also a great new podcast featuring writer Justin … Continue reading

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What Brown Can Do for You

Hiya folks. Happy frikkin May! My crime story ”The Helper” is now up on Thanks to issue editor Anthony Neil Smith for inviting me to submit a story and for accepting it and to Storyglossia editor and publisher Steven … Continue reading

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