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If You’re Ever in a Jam

Ah spring, when all the church signs bloom. Actually, they’re evergreen, so who says the church doesn’t know how to market itself? For church sign enthusiasts, it’s at St. Francis of Paola Church, 219 Conselyea Street. The church closest to … Continue reading

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Center of Missouri

Just received my author’s copy of Center: A Journal of Literary Arts! For you fleet-footed fans, my essay “Why I Hate Florida” is on page 183. You can gander at a PDF of the first page online, but otherwise please … Continue reading

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Even More Work Poems

FEEDBACK POEM NO. 1 We will explore ways to make this more legible. We will explore different ways to make this more clear. We will create banners for each type. We will explore different placements and treatments. We will explore … Continue reading

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Caribbean Dreams of Spring

During a reticent spring such as this one in New York, you ache impatiently for warmer weather to come along, sunshine, pretty girls who work for TV networks, tumescent coconut trees in bloom, suff like that, and here is a … Continue reading

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Single Guy Cookbook: Salmon in Butter

Question: What do you call a fish without eyes? Answer: Fsh. Trust me, it’s a lot funnier if you say it out loud and you’re a little buzzed. Yeah, we all gotta eat healthy once in a while; you can’t … Continue reading

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Inappropriate Things I Have Said at the Office, 1

Co-worker: “Oh, I’m married.” Me: “That’s so sad.” * Me: “Whoa! Is that blouse see-through?” * Me: “Isn’t this whole concept a little silly?” * Supervisor: “Are you going to the client presentation?” Me: “Honestly, I’d rather stay here and … Continue reading

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Primitive Artwork Unearthed

This is an early cartoon strip I did for a zine called Used, which apparently no longer exists. From back in my zine days. I did three episodes–the title was suggested by the zine editor–and this is one of the … Continue reading

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