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More Work Poems

BANNER AD POEM NO. 1 EARN A FREE Get What You Need No Go Where You Want Go ROUND-TRIP Spend $1,000 Earn, No, APPLY Now annual fee Earn one, Spend $1,000 for one domestic — a savings Limited Rewards NOW … Continue reading

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Let’s Put on a Show

This weekend, coworkers at the job got together to film short little movies, sample commercials for some project. I don’t know, I wasn’t paying attention. I was asked to act in one scene, playing a rebellious employee. Of the 552 … Continue reading

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Hip Easter Miracle

There is a Frenchman in the cubicle next to mine, nice guy, accent, brings in some good wine and cheese sometimes. And he has this lava lamp. Size: grande. One day, for no reason I could understand, the image of … Continue reading

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Saturday in the Office with the Gorn

Here, the Office Gorn is impelling me to write. He has meanwhile confiscated any raw materials from which I could have made a crude but effective weapon. And so I wrote. If I did well, he said, he would buy … Continue reading

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News from the front

What the hell have I been up to?! Well, nothing for a while, and believe me I was desperate to put a new post up ASAP because I was just as tired as you are of my hippy picture down … Continue reading

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