Poetic Justice

crime.jpgHiyo! How’s everybody doing? Hey, Fairfield! Hey, Kansas! Hello, Emmaus! So, some news: I have been invited to co-edit a poetry chapbook on crime by the crazily prolific Gerald So, along with crime-writing stalwarts Anthony Rainone and Patrick Shawn Bagley. Now, some would say my poetry is criminal. But this is something else: poems about crime. Murder. Arson. Parking violations. What have you. More specifically, noirish poems on crime. I think. See, we’re still shuffling through our submissions and our genres, trying to get a layout of the job, as it were. The chapbook will be called The Lineup (get it?!), and we’ve got some glinty-eyed, square-jawed poetry in there from some hard-boiled versifiers. It’s just a chapbook, yes, so maybe we won’t get on Regis, but that also means it will be cheap, and so we expect all our friends to buy 15 copies apiece. We’ve got some cover art, and this picture to the left isn’t it, but it sure is purdy. Anyway, I’ll let you in on the rumpus as things progress.

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  1. cn says:

    hey! that’s great news. can’t wait to see it

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