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The Thrill Is Here

My short story “El Bohemio” is now up on Thrilling Detective, the online hard-boiled crime lit magazine edited by Gerald So and Kevin Burton Smith. They’ve got loverly noirish artwork for the cover. As for the story, a very few … Continue reading

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Present This

At my new job I have of late been re-initiated into the dreaded process called The Client Presentation. You gather in a room with The Clients — here, they look like people who’ve stepped out of a Lifetime movie. Then … Continue reading

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Feeling Centered

I just had an essay of mine, “Why I Hate Florida,” accepted for publication in Center: A Journal for Literary Arts out of the University of Missouri. It’s a really personal essay, so I feel a bit exposed about it, … Continue reading

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Single Guy Cookbook–Shrimp Jambalaya

I was visiting my friends C—— and E— in PA and after a several bottles of wine we moved all the way from the kitchen table and the empty glasses to the cooking area, a distance of about seven feet, … Continue reading

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Things I Learned in Advertising This Week

People decide on whether they trust a public speaker within four seconds. The seats at fast food restaurants like McDonald’s are designed to be uncomfortable and numb your ass within 7 minutes, so that you won’t linger. At Starbuck’s, they … Continue reading

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