Lingua Advertisingica

Sojourning in the world of advertising is much like being dropped in a foreign country and trying to learn the local language, the lingo, the argot. You sit quietly for long periods, staring at the natives, watching their mouths move, hoping to make sense of some words and phrases, hoping to translate it in your mind to something familiar. Some words and phrases I’ve heard in my first two weeks:

awareness modules
data analytics
discovery phase
loyalty module
quick and dirty (a better idea for sex than business)
value-added (a vile, vile term)

And acronyms, they love acronyms in this country: AD, BOP, CD, CP, CTN, GDP, TSO. Apparently my job here is copywriter (CW). Here is a chestnut of prose I wrote this week: “With this durable, versatile briefcase, your office travels with you.” Eat that, Shakespeare.

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  1. stella says:

    time to start reading up for the GRE, my friend.

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