And When They Met, It Was Murda

Crime lit fic

Finally got my hairy hands on the latest issue of Murdaland Magazine with my story in it. During my weekly trip to my cavernously empty P.O. Box I decided to stop off at St. Mark’s Bookstore. It had been listed on Murdaland‘s site as one of the place to seize the magazine (thanks to Elric of Pennsylvania for pointing out that link to me). I looked in the front window of St. Mark’s, expecting of course to see a placard that read “Read R. Narvaez’s newest tale in Murdaland!” Next to a stack of 1,000 copies. Umm, but no. Anyway, a clerk I asked knew exactly what I was talking about and led me to the litry area of said store (I had looked in the crime section to no avail), and there twas, several new issues. Some excellent stuff therein, stories I’m proud to shares pages with. My thanks to Murdaland editors Michael Langnas, Sean O’Kane, and Dennis Flynn for believing in my story.

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