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The World of Advertising

My fourth day in the world of advertising. I had imagined, perhaps as many of you have, that the world of advertising, the big corporate for-profit world of advertising, was much like it has been presented in the movies or … Continue reading

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Halloweens I Have Known

As a youth dressing as Caspar the Friendly Ghost three years in a row until the costume could no longer fit. At about 8 or 9 not being able to trick or treat because my parents were scared we’d get … Continue reading

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And When They Met, It Was Murda

Finally got my hairy hands on the latest issue of Murdaland Magazine with my story in it. During my weekly trip to my cavernously empty P.O. Box I decided to stop off at St. Mark’s Bookstore. It had been listed … Continue reading

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Another E-Quiz

The theory behind these things is that you learn a lot of little things about your friends and family. Apparently, it is important to know every trivial detail about the people in your life. What are we, Homeland Security? But … Continue reading

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Murdaland, Soon

Got news today from the editors at Murdaland Magazine that their new issue is out, with my story “Roachkiller” in their slick, literary crime fiction pages. I plan to inveigle all my friends to buy multiple copies. Or bribe them … Continue reading

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