Noir at the Bar Migrates to the Outerboroughs

noirqueensIn what may be seen as literary gentrification, the Noir at the Bar reading series is coming to Odradeks Coffee House, 82-60 Austin Street, in Kew Gardens, Queens, on Thursday, August 7, 7 p.m. Amazin’ Alex Segura has organized the likes of Rambunctious Reed Farrel Coleman, Honeyvoiced Hilary Davidson, Snappy S.A. Solomon, Angel “Cojelo Suave” Colon, Tenacious Thomas Pluck, and for some reason myself. Segura Que Si will host. We hope to see you there.  Check out this great promotional poster for the event that uses artwork by the legendary Robert McGinnis. Note: The first Noir at the Bar was organized by Peter Rozovsky and took place in Philadelphia. It has since traveled around the country and the world.


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MWA University in Philadelphia

Later this month, on Saturday, I’ll be dropping in on MWA University, which is being hosted in Philadelphia this time. Organized by the Mystery Writers of America, the low-cost, full-day seminar covers the novel-writing process (not just crime stuff) from the idea phase to publication. The courses are taught by published writers who also
happen to experienced college-level teachers: Reed Farrel Coleman, Hallie Ephron Kathleen George, Jess Lourey, Hank Phillippi Ryan, and Daniel Stashower. The workshop will take place at the Sheraton Philadelphia Society Hill and  is open to the public. It costs $50 for MWA members and $75 for non-members. Seating is limited, so you have to register first!

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On Tuesday, June 17 , as president of the Mystery Writers of America, New York Chapter, I will be hosting reading series at KGB Bar, 85 East 4th Street, N.Y., 7-9 p.m. This is the sixth one we’ve done and the second one I am hosting. Experienced and emerging writers will share their crime fiction stories. Reading this time: Henry Chang, Hilary Davidson, Tim Hall, Richard A. Herman, Catherine Maiorisi, Jon McGoran, Erica Obey, and Narween Otto. This event is free.

For more information about the readers.

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This Time the Accent . . . Is on Mystery!

I’ll be part of a very fun event in early June, a Latino Crime Writers Panel and Discussion, with “some of the newest and hottest crime writers who just happen to be Latino.” I’ll be joining Lyn Di Iorio (Outside the Bones), Alex Segura (Silent City), and Steven Torres (Precinct Puerto Rico and The Concrete Maze). We’ll be reading from our works, no doubt discussing issues regarding writing and culture, and taking questions. This will take place Saturday, June 7, 7:00 p.m., at the Enigma Bookstore, 33-17 Crescent Street, Astoria, QUEENS, New York 11106. Click this for complete details.

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Blog Hoppy

Author and Cubano Supremo Alex Segura wrote the great Miami-based crime thriller Silent City. After he was tagged by Kristi Belcamino, he tagged me for this latest blog hoppiness, a series of four basic questions. Check out his answers over at his blog. Here are mine:

What are you working on?
I’m in the neverending process of polishing up my first novel, Hipster Death Rattle, or maybe I’ll call it </Williamsburg>, a title a friend suggested that I am playing with. Actually, it’s not my first novel. I wrote a book back in grad school but like a demon spawn it must remain in the dark until eternity. Typical coming of age story. Pastiche crap. I had no idea what I was doing then. But the new book is crime fiction. Which is not to say I know about better now. In any case, it’s currently helping to fill the inboxes of several agents.

How does your work differ from others of its genre?
Well, it probably does a little, but for the most part it doesn’t and shouldn’t. Crime fiction readers expect certain tropes, even stereotypes—the relentless investigator, the sadistic villain, the bipolar pharmacist, the forlorn nail salon person—and if you want to play in that genre, you have to give those to the readers. However, how you do it all might vary, of course, and I guess that would be style talking. So I hope my style differs a bit. More ellipses, perhaps. . .

Why do you write what you do?
Sociopathology. Or, more specifically, because it is the world that helps me express and expel my inner demons the best. I grew up with crime, in a household where crime was constant, in a neighborhood of gangs and shootouts, in a time of inflation and recession, a dirty, unrefined, graffiti-decorated New York City. It’s me. It’s who I am. So it’s the world I cannot help playing in. Also, most people seem to like when I write it. Except when I use too many four-letter words.

How does your writing process work?
I think of an idea, most likely in the shower. Then I worry it again and again, like fingers callusing over prayer beads, or a poodle gnawing a T. Rex femur, or a regular cat with a regular mouse. When I hear a character’s voice clearly and/or I see a series of events unfolding, I start scribbling. Sometimes the scribbles connect themselves, sometimes I do an outline to connect them. Then I write it out. And then I polish it again and again until I love it then can’t stand it then love it again. At one of those love points, I send it out.

* * *
To continue this Blog Hoppy Thingie, I hereby tag Terrence “Timberwolf” McCauley. A proud native of the Boogie Down Bronx, Terrence P. (for Pugnacious) McCauley is an award-winning writer. His first two novels,  Slow Burn and Prohibition, and his next were recently picked up by Polis Books! McCauley has had short stories featured in Thuglit, Action: Pulse Pounding Tales Vol. 1 and 2, Atomic Noir and Big Pulp. He recently compiled Grand Central Noir, an anthology where the proceeds go  to a non-profit called God’s Love We Deliver. Head on over to his blog next week for his answers.

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The Noir @ the Bar, March 23, 2014

Pics or it didn’t happen. On Sunday, March 23, I reading at the next New York Noir @ the Bar  at Shade Bar, organized by the majestic Todd Robinson and gonzo Glenn G. Gray. A great time, a talented group of readers, a really great crowd.

L to R: Alex Segura, Bryon Quertermous, person in window photobombing, Todd Robinson, moi, Hilary Davidson, Terrence McCauley (partially hidden), Tim O'Mara, Rob Hart, Dave White, Glenn Gray.

L to R: Alex Segura, Bryon Quertermous, person in window photobombing, Todd Robinson, moi, Hilary Davidson, Terrence McCauley (partially hidden), Tim O’Mara, Rob Hart, Dave White, Glenn Gray. Photo courtesy of Rita McCauley.

A full frontal, although missing Alex Segura, you get Terrence McCauley in all his glory, albeit a smidge blurrier. Not sure who took this shot!

A full frontal, although missing Alex Segura, you get Terrence McCauley in all his glory, albeit a smidge blurrier. Not sure who took this shot!

Me using my Bat-reading powers. Photo courtesy of Sarah Weinman.

Me using my Bat-reading powers. Photo courtesy of Sarah Weinman.

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New Story Up, at Shotgun Honey

shotgunhoneyI’ve a new flash fiction piece up at the very cool Shotgun Honey: “How to Kill a Brown Girl (Or Black, White, or Halfsie).” Here is an excerpt:

    • Wait until her roommate, her sisters, her bff, her moms, or her lover leaves her co-op. Wait until the cop in the cruiser outside is sexting his mami mami. Bring a sandwich. Bring protein bars. Bring two bottles of water, piss in the one you empty.

Read the rest here.

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